September 2018


Falling Back in Love with You

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As the summer lazy days come to a close, the shift into autumn go go go mode is upon us. With kid activities, tons of work commitments, and even early efforts for holiday preparations (I swear this year is my year), we jam pack our schedules to over flowing and forget one very important component — ourselves. I personally start my day by throwing on athletic wear (in hopes of actually making it to the gym), rush through the over scheduling until I look up and all of a sudden it’s 5pm and my active wear has just become a paj-outfit. I pack my day with so many responsibilities and activities that I forget to include and tend to one person and that person is.... yep me. We need to make sure that we pencil our own lives in our to do lists. We are creatures of time management but we need to manage to include ourselves on our lists of importance. Take a minute and prioritize yourself. Simple joys are important and keep us self motivated. Bring your morning coffee outside and sit for a few extra minutes and actually enjoy it rather than just need it. Take an extra 5 minutes to go beyond the active wear and put on a real clothes outfit and feel seasonally stylish. An extra few minutes to polish up and breathe deep can change the attitude of your whole day. You will still take it all on, but with a more confident and a bit more relaxed stride.
                                                                                                           xo, Ali Alloway

Upcoming Lakshmi Events

On October 13, Lakshmi is proud to announce an evening of celebrating strong independent women and benefitting Dress For Success. Formal invite and details to follow. Mark it in your calendar!



Cozy up with these tones inspired by coffeeshop favorites

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