September 2017


A Change Will Do You Good!

As a kiddo, I was the type of gal who never tested the water and did a running cannon ball straight into the deep end. Mind you, I would trip over my gangly self and said cannon ball would appear pretty catastrophic, but there was no stopping me. I kind of catapulted through life this way, the thrill of change inspiring me to look for the next big move. And also once a decision to jump into a big change was made, there was never any
turning back. (How I ended up leaving college after a billion years with no degree to go to hair you mom and dad!) I find that there are typically two personality types when it comes to making changes....the delicately lower oneself into the pool type (my lovely blonde clients who want a big change i.e. Exactly 2 lowlights ;) ) or the jump right in eyes closed and deal with the consequences later type (guilty here). Neither way is better than the other and I think at some point, our methods of making choices are tested. I am personally in the middle of a fairly large life change and my normal method of whipping the door open and barreling right through is not an option. So being forced to take a breather and wait patiently, I am able to really digest my choices and plan how my life is going to fit back together instead of my normal dive first check depth later maneuver. Nothing amazing can happen if we don't sometimes take a chance
and trust that a change is for the better. Changes, no matter how small (2 low lights) or life altering, allow us to view the world with a little more experience, a different angle, and a new appreciation of what we have had and what we will have in the future. Although the unknown can always be a little bit intimidating, you already had the strength to make the choice, living it is the fun part...

                                                                                      - Ali Alloway

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How to have a great consultation with your stylist:

Everyone sits in the chair with a vision of the finished product, but the verbalization of this
vision is not always easy to come by. As a stylist, I hear it all, from unrealistic goals to apologies for bringing pictures, but here are some tips on how to communicate and get what you really want.

You say: "I want a trim to get rid of the damage."
I hear : "Please cut these bottom three inches off as they have been distressed for a while."
What you should say: "I would like no more than an inch (and demonstrate on oneself) and also a
recommendation for a conditioner that will help keep my hair healthy"

You say: "I know I'm blonde but I want to go darker for the fall"
I hear: "I think goth is coming back"
What you should say: "I would like to soften my blonde with just a few lowlights and maybe tone it down ever so slightly"

You say: "Can I wear bangs?"
I hear: "Joan Jett here we come!"
What you should say: "I was thinking of doing a softer side swept bang. Here's a photo..."

Never be afraid to show photos of what you like AND what you don't like. It is extremely hard to describe something purely visual. And also, use a series of photos. A competent stylist can find the common link between the photos and come up with the perfect look for you. We speak different languages and can have different visions of the same description. And word to the wise.....always have some direction even if it is vague. Although as stylists, we can understand boundaries, we can be a pretty creative bunch :)


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