October 2017


Playful October!

Everyone remembers the endless chore of raking the leaves, with the promise of yielding a giant pile of foliage and gleefully leaping in. As I look out my window into my yard that is already chock full of fallen leaves, that excitement of a joyful dive is solidly replaced by the visions of a landscaping bill. There is laundry to do, rooms to clean, bills to pay, groceries to shop for and the list goes on and on. When do we allow ourselves to play the way we used to? Fondly I remember the end of the day feeling when your belly hurts from laughing too hard, your legs are sore from winning all of the races, and you cant wait to get up and do it all again. Although the day to day as an adult does not always yield enough playtime, we can still embrace our inner child and let he or she out sometimes. Physically play the part by letting your hair go wild and free or wear it in a high ponytail, and swing it as you walk. Add a deeper pink hue to your cheeks to embody the way the chilly fall air can rosy up the cheeks. Leave the rest bare except for some waterproof mascara....how else will you keep your makeup from running when you allow the good kind of laugh that scrunches up the face and causes a tear or two? The To Do list will never just disappear (even when you wish...tried that), but you need to remember to take a break and play. Those leaves sure aren’t gonna jump in themselves......

                                                                                      - Ali Alloway


Need a quick costume, we have you covered with this easy to do Skull Face

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.25.43 PM.png
Make-up by Han Ly

Make-up by Han Ly

How to get the look:

1. With black pencil liner, draw your outlines around eyelids, nose , cheeks and teeth
2. Using white face paint and small make up sponge begin to apply around outline area
3. Once you have covered unlined area, use your foundation brush to fill in outlines (don’t cover them up , the are your guide) and any areas you may want more coverage , such as cheeks and fore head
4. Now that we are finished with the white areas, with small detail brush fill in outlines under eyes and tip of nose and cheeks (keep the shading underneath the cheekbone to create a gaunt effect)
5. Continue with small detail brush and black paint or black liner and draw over your skill teeth outlines to make them stand out
6. Now that you have your basic skull face done. you can go back in with black liner details such as cracks or any other ideas you like (going off a photograph can be helpful)

Now that your face is completed, throw on an all black outfit and off to the party you go.
Happy Halloween!


Our website got a makeover!

Lakshmi is proud to debut the new and improved

Take a peek and see what we have been up to!

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