November 2017


Living in Gratitude

We are often reminded to be grateful for things; possessions, events, people in our lives. And it is easy to be thankful for tangible things, things you can grab with both hands and give a grateful squeeze. This month, with
our holiday of gratitude looming (and immense over eating...I am grateful for control top tights), perhaps a new perspective would be a lovely change. I have done a lot of self reflection lately and have decided to be thankful for myself. Maybe not all of the time, and definitely not all the inner workings (I am NOT thankful for my lack of time management...sorry Robin and Danielle), but for something everyday. I am grateful for my sense of humor, because without it, those absolutely terrible days would be unbearable. I am thankful for those terrible days for they have made me stronger to face the next
terrible day with new confidence. I am thankful for the ability to love so fiercely that I am able to put my head down and forge ahead and ignore negativity. I am thankful for my quirky looks because my beauty is individual. I am thankful for having a heart full of various types of love and a soul that is willing to search out more. I know it is imposed that it is shameful to be so vocal about our self awesomeness, but you definitely get back what you put out for sure. If you are proud of your best qualities, let yourself not only acknowledge them, but also demonstrate them and let others celebrate them too. You are amazing after all and maybe you are just allowing yourself to see it, but the world is already thankful for you.

                                                                                      - Ali Alloway


Warm It Up!

The days have grown shorter and our tans have completely ceased to exist, so now is the time to
brighten up your locks. Adding rich gold to blondes, brazen bronze to brunettes, and fiery copper to reds will warm up your complexion and keep you current through the cold months ahead.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.47.45 PM.png

How to warm it up....
1. Ask your stylist for a few face framing painted
highlights in a bold tone. This is a fun way to
introduce autumnal hues to your hair without
committing to an overall color change.
2. Have a color gloss applied before your next
haircut. Call ahead to book and plan to arrive 15
minutes before your service. The gloss is an added treat and will add shine, make your hair feel great, and give you a glimmer of rich color.
3. Take the plunge and go red. Now is the time and everyone should try it at least once. Talk to your stylist and make the best plan for you. Whoever said blondes have more fun didn’t know any


Support Small Business and Shop Local!

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