May 2018


Moms, This One’s For You…

I am guilty of mom on mom crime. I walked into a birthday party for a 6 year old in a perfectly adorned and meticulously cleaned home. The unicorn/mermaid/rainbow theme (that’s a thing) was pinterested with expertise and flawlessly executed. Everything was over the top and looked as if it had taken weeks - no, months - to prepare and create.  And then she walked in… the mom… gorgeously blown out and impeccably accessorized. I slowly filled with shame recalling how I talked my kids into having pancakes for dinner twice this week and the how the piles of blankets and pillows still littered the living room from the fort we made the night before. So the nasty green-eyed monster got the best of me and I leaned over to my equivalent hot mess mom friend and trash-talked. I bet she has a nanny, and a maid, and another nanny who works as a maid on the side and moonlights as a hair stylist. I immediately felt terrible. I just trash talked a woman who just wanted to make a lovely party for her kid and invited us all to come and celebrate. Being a mom is so hard, and the roles of perfect mom, or hot mess express mom, or working mom, or stay at home mom all have one thing in common; we are all moms. So what if you have extra help, or home school, or work the longest hours ever? At the end of the day, we are all in this together. We do these things because we love, and I mean LOVE (it hurts sometimes) our babies.  

Recently, it seems it has become cool to celebrate the shortcomings that obviously go along with motherhood, to where it is almost frowned upon to even appear as if you have it all together: the perfect PTA mom. But the truth? Nobody ever has it all together. We have all been given a tremendous gift, these little people who look a lot like us and need things all the time and can melt your entire being with one really good hug.  And the involuntary “Mommy I love you…”? FORGET IT… ball of mush. We have this job to do to make these little ones be the best people they can be.  As much as it is easy to look at someone else and compare, just know that the perfectly coiffed mom has also fought with her kid about wearing shoes, has been sneezed on directly in the face, and has dealt with more gross things that can be admitted here. So in the grocery store when you see that kid having a major melt down, just look the mom in the eyes and give her the “It was me yesterday” look. It’s all about camaraderie, ladies. The job is tough, the hours sometimes seem endless, but we would not change it for the world.  And lets face it: we are the only ones tough enough to do it. Happy Mommas day, girls!

                                                                                                xo, Ali Alloway


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