May 2017


To my mom, who taught me how to live a life full of joy and love, and how a really good laugh can get you through anything. 

I can feel all of the tension reels from her body as she rests her precious, fuzzy little head against my chest. She takes a deep breath and I can tell she is gratefully taking in my familiar smell and letting go of whatever stresses plague her baby mind. If I close my eyes, I can see myself in her exact place, in my mother’s lap, her perfume lulling me back into serenity. I can very distinctly remember how calming was the sound of her voice in her chest, as I pressed my face against her and listened to the vibrations and the beating of her heart. Only then did I know I was completely safe and everything was going to be ok. Only now do I know that as I rested close to her heart, her love for me completely filled it. The warmth spreads through my chest and I fight smothering her with kisses as my own sweet baby sighs with relief against my body, briefly flutters her eyelashes, and slowly closes her eyes. 

Being a mom is often described as thankless and crazy ad difficult. I am not going to deny any of that, but what you don’t often hear is the best part. Being a mom is loving someone with your whole entire heart and soul and being completely unconditionally. It’s bananas, and amazing! 

                                                                                       - Ali Alloway


Double Fun with Double Buns

We're loving this Spring's Double Knot trend!

How to get the look:

  1. Dirty up your hair by spraying a good amount of Kevin Murphy Do.Over (dry shampoo)
  2. Using a rat tail/teasing comb part hair down middle (or for a different look, side part)
  3. Use small rubber band, make ponytail at curve of the head at each side and secure at root with rubber band
  4. For extra texture and volume, tease hair left out of ponys
  5. Take hair left out and twist around band (you can make knot as tight or loose as you'd like)
  6. Pin in place

Style note: incorporate braids to add more interest and texture.