March 2018


Hello, Spring!

As winter winds down, and spring time begins to try to break through, we find ourselves in a seasonal transition time that seems to.....drag on forever! The end of winter blues are all around: kids get a little cuckoo being inside, and we are just longing to move onto consistent sunnier days. I negatively call this the “Season of Distrust”, and find myself lacking motivation and falling into the doomy-gloomies, too. Although every snowy day that follows a 70 degree promise of change is not ideal, we have to take a step back and find the beauty in transition. I think we are so accustomed to immediate gratification, that we are not used to having absolutely no control and waiting. Sometimes, although the destination is so appealing, the journey has its own beauty too. There is inspirational change all around us. Green buds are peaking out through gray branches, the need for sunshine is bringing us outside, and the breakout from hibernation is drumming with excitement. Although there may be a wintery, crazy day still looming here and there, still adorn yourself in springy brightness. Even if it feels like a struggle, be inspired to elevate your mood by what is coming. Anticipation is a powerful thing and can push us to lift up our chins and spirits and patiently wait for the sunshine. Look in fashion magazines and dress the springy part, add a little color to your makeup routine, and come in for a few mood elevating highlights. Before you know it, anticipation will make way for enjoyment and we will be soaking it all in. 


 5 Reason to Consider Hair Extensions

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1. LENGTH - This seems obvious, but not all hair textures are created equally when it comes to achieving length. Some textures don’t move past a certain length, while others lose thickness on the ends. Hair extensions will not only add length, but will fill in those weak ends and make hair appear thicker.

2. VOLUME - Hair extensions are a no-brainer when it comes to adding volume. For those with thin hair, it will create the illusion of a full, thick, luxurious head of hair. Use two colors and create dimensions for an even fuller look.

3. GROWING OUT A CUT - It just seems like your hair will never grow! Hair grows an estimate of 1/4 inch a month, so while you’re waiting to grow out a shorter cut, extensions are a great option to deal with that in between stage and give you the look you’re working towards.

4. COLOR - This is one of the best options with extensions: color without the commitment. Extensions come in an array of colors, from vivid shades to soft, natural ombre tones. It’s a great way to experiment and try out a new look.

5. BRIDAL - When it comes to creating bridal styles, extensions make all the difference, especially on individuals with a lot of layers or hair that is more fine. By adding extensions, you can not only create length and volume, but it gives you more hair to work with when twisting, braiding, and creating formal hair.


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