June 2018


Embracing the Power of Friendship

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When we are little, the ease in which we make friends is completely taken for granted. We are given a shame free gift to be able to walk up to any similarly sized human and suddenly be the best of friends... or at least until your mom says its time to leave the playground. Throughout the rest of childhood, we are constantly surrounded by peers who are in the same space in life. Because of this unison, we adhere to each other. We find best friend after best friend. Enter adulthood... What happened? Of course we carry our bestie bests with us in our pockets wherever we go but the idea of making new friends, nearly impossible.

In the past year, I have been fortunate enough to meet a variety of new people while adventuring into a new life. On this journey, I have found that some people have never lost this friend making talent. One very amazing man (that is a story for another time) has opened my eyes to the idea that any similarly sized adult human that I have an exchange with can still be an instant friend. This particular fella has managed to create a friend group based on exactly what we used to as children, a vast common life experience. Although as kids our intentions were more naïve, he has explained this ability to friend make. He has said that everybody is a gift, some may be gag gifts, but a gift none the less. People are going to teach you things, they will make you feel things, teach you new things, almost like a new flavor of ice cream or a new chapter to a book. Everyone who crosses your path adds something new to life’s pile. We can take it upon ourselves to fill this pile, or we can take in the experience of those around us. Friends, no matter how brief they are present in our lives, are valuable life enhancements. Embrace your present best buds and be grateful for each that has graced your route in the past. These gifts, yes including the gag gifts, have helped shape the beautifully complex you.
                                                                                                           xo, Ali Alloway


Ponytails and Braids

For us long haired girls spring/summer is all about the ponytail braid. Usually the go to is a messy top knot, but this season we are changing things up. The great things about ponytail braids is they can be dressed up or dressed down with an effortless look. There many elaborate braiding styles out there , but not everyone has mad braiding skills so we choose a few simple looks for you to try, so get braiding!

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