July 2018


Defining Your Freedom

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When we think of freedom, we think of deliverance from obligations, situations, and relationships. We think of liberation or release from a physical or emotional constraint. But as it turns out, you can remove obligation (hello summer), you can take yourself out of a situation, and can veto a relationship and still feel trapped. This year, upon leaving a tumultuous relationship, I assumed that I would immediately be flooded with a sense of freedom, but have found that freedom is not automatically granted with release. Still feeling bound by my own emotional scars and hang ups, I desperately craved feeling free. There was one afternoon, when feeling especially tormented, I looked at my mother and said “Can you take these kiddos? (though I love them like mad, nothing says lack of freedom like two little constant shadows) I need to go for a run.” Though I had not been an active runner in years, the minute my feet started to hit the ground, I felt relief. I chose to not listen to music, and a pattern began to form a beat as my feet hit the pavement. Each step, I found myself releasing tension, and clearing my mind. There was no stress, no grief, no concern clouding my brain, as I focused on my strides ( and also not falling which for a gangly gal like myself is sometimes a concern). When I returned, I felt physically exhausted (so as it turns out high metabolism does not equal physically fit ha) but emotionally invigorated. Six months later, these runs are a daily part of my life. I have found more truths about myself, begun to work through my demons, and just focused on the woman I am striving (or striding) to be. There are no restraints, self imposed or otherwise, and I completely let go of inhibitions. Entirely alone with thought, even for 30 minutes at a time, I am finding freedom from within. Our ultimate independence is a confidence fueled machine that can only be turned on when we stop blaming outside influences and allow ourselves a freeing moment. Find your own piece of serenity this summer, and unleash a freer you.
                                                                                                           xo, Ali Alloway


Summer Hair & Don’t Care

Summer time on the East Coast equals hot and humid. With pool parties, a spontaneous
brunch with friends and chilling at the beach, there is not time to spend fighting humidity and
trying to hang onto the perfect blow out. Instead ,embrace a disheveled do instead.

Here are a few of our summer time faves.

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