July 2017


Finding Independence Together

Throughout life we are constantly on the search for independence. From a stubborn toddler saying “I do it myself” to a college grad collecting their first paycheck (and definitely spending it foolishly), the quest for self sufficient is universal and ever changing. As an adult and an independent, or so I thought. I have turned a new corner and found myself on an unknown path. The pain of change and trying out wobbly legs, so sought after in my youth is terrifying as a grown woman. I am stubborn (that is where the fore mentioned toddler gets it for sure) and am pretty good at a game face, but a brand new self reliance has left me less confident than I have been in years. the game changer and inspiration to continue on is all the love and support around me.

I have been saying “I do myself” for me entire life, pushing away helpful hands and insisting that I will feel stronger in my solidarity. Ironically, actual solidarity has enabled me to grow by allowing me to break down my own walls and accept every hand that reaches toward me. Independence, though very celebrated and sought after, can be a lonely hilltop to stand upon. And although the climb is a bit treacherous at times and that hilltop is insight, I do not forget that I am lucky enough to forge ahead with a team holding me up from behind. The ability to stand alone is an accomplishment, but the ability to fall backwards and know you will be caught is a true gift. 

                                                                                       - Ali Alloway


80's Inspired Bohemian Beach Wave

Full of texture and sexy volume, who doesn't want to be a beach goddess with little effort? Here, we share two ways to achieve the look:

Curling Iron Method

  1. Start with dry hair, take a small section and twist it into a rope
  2. Holding the end of the rope, wrap section around 1" iron (mind your fingers)
  3. Hold until you can feel the heat on the outside of the hair rope and release
  4. Spray each rope with Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair and let cool
  5. When whole head is curled and cooled, rake through with fingers and spray again

Mermaid (wet hair) Method

  1. Towel dry hair until damp and work Kevin Murphy Killer.Curls through ends
  2. Taking larger sections and leaving hair out in between, weave hair into loose braids
  3. Lightly mist hair with Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair and let dry
  4. When hair is fully dry, run fingers through and shake it out

Stylish Ways to Protect Your Hair this Summer

As hair stylists we are asked all the time how to protect hair from sun damage. We can recommend products such as Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion or Untangled, leave-in conditioner that will protect from UV damage, but if you really want to protect your hair from sun bleaching our best advice is...cover it up.

Here are some of our favorite fashionable ways to cover up this Summer.

Wrap It Up

The Oversized Hat

The Parasol