January 2018


Being Resolute.

Resolution. What a final, threatening word. By definition, a resolution is a firm decision to do something. In the beginning of the year, we face ourselves and make these set in stone promises to better our bodies/minds/relationships. Or else. Or else what? The gym will knock on our front door and drag us out kicking and screaming? I feel like I have made so many resolutions only to “forget” once the warmer weather makes a reappearance. I had a particularly rocky 2017, as did many of you. (I know, I hear all ;) and I am so looking forward to all of the positivity that I know and trust 2018 has in store for me. So instead of making a resolution, I am going to focus on being resolute and unswerving on the quest to better myself. This year, I will purge the negativity that I for some reason cling to, and replace it with happy and healthy. I will keep open minded and allow myself new experiences. I will embrace the good in me and address the faults when they hinder me. I may or may not go to the gym, but I will at least exercise my mind and try to learn from those around me. To be resolute is to be admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. I think being purposeful when addressing one aspect of your life is a lot more fulfilling than making a promise that may or may not be able to be kept. Lets keep the negativity of the former year behind us no matter how big the affect on your life it was, and look ahead with purpose. Only you can shake off the past and welcome the future with new hope. Make your own year amazing without setting parameters because you are way too awesome to not fly passed them anyhow. 

                                                                                      - Ali Alloway


How to Avoid the Dreaded Winter Tangles

Anyone with hair long enough to be covered with a scarf has experienced the dreaded knot at the base of neck and the staticky matted mane that comes along with winter hats and scarves. 

Here are 5 tips to resolve with winter hair woes…

  1. Wear hair up and out of the way. Seems obvious, but twisting hair up in a bun in the best way to preserve style and avoid knots. A side pony or braid is not only cute, but will ensure a mattress mane. 
  2. Tuck hair in and out of the way, tuck hair in shirt or use sock scarf underneath wool scarf to prevent friction. 
  3. Keep hair moisturized! Kevin Murphy Untangled spray in, leave in conditioner will lock in moisture and help in resisting the frizz that leads to tangles. (if you do get a knot, spray in and brush through with Wet Brush). 
  4. Use R+Co Frizz + Static Control Spray or Kevin Murphy Easy.Rider! Static and frizz equals tangles and these products were developed specifically for this purpose and are sure to tame your tresses. 

Winter Keratin Special

Restore Hair Texture / Smooth Cuticle / Add Shine / Protect Against Heat Styling

Peter Coppola Smoothing Treatment $195 (reg. $250) 

This special offer is available January 15 - February 28, 2018