January 2019


When The Ball Drops

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The year is almost over and there’s a lot of talk about our 2019 resolutions at Lakshmi. For most of us, New Year’s Resolutions can be fleeting surges of determination that fade away halfway through the year. We want to eat healthier, exercise more, get a whole new look, etc, and expect to succeed the moment the clock strikes midnight. We decide on big life altering commitments and hit the ground running but the moment we stumble, we collapse without ever seeing the finish line. However, with a new year right around the corner, I’ve finally decided on a resolution for 2019: start small.

If you always make a resolution and somehow drop the ball, the best thing to do is take baby steps. Reaching goals takes time, hard work, and planning. New Year’s resolutions are exactly the same and require the same amount of consideration and growth to achieve. It all doesn’t have to happen at once. You want to have a healthier diet? Determine to drink more water first. Want to hit the gym every day? Start going once a week. Want to go from dark chocolate curls to blonde beach waves? Expect quite a few highlight appointments. Whatever your goals are, if you start small, I have every confidence that you will be a better brighter you.

Happy New Year!


New Year, New ‘Do

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