February 2018


Living in Loving Me...

Oh no I have a crush! For the first time in nearly a decade, I’m smitten. At first it was exciting, then it was terrifying, oh wait, back to super exciting. I was panicked for a second and then took a step back. For a long time I had remained in something unhealthy because I thought I had to. Finally, I realized I deserve so much more, I deserve to feel good about the amazing lady that I am. So with a positive outlook, I went into the the dating scene, with no expectations and a promise to stay true to myself and to not compromise. I remember having crushes or dating when I was young and waiting by the telephone ( because it was attached to the wall, and yes, I am aware I am clearly aging myself ) and wondering what this other person could possibly be thinking. But the question that was really missing was, “what am I thinking? “ I never took to the time to figure out what it was that made me swoon and if I was just infatuated or actually happy with who I was with this other person. Now, as the grown up lady that I am , I have never been more self assured. I don’t know where this crush of mine is headed, but I have decided that wherever it ends up, it has already been one of the best experiences because I am open to love and I am now capable of being my true self and trust that there is someone who will get what I’m putting down. Being able to go into something with an open mind and not trying to fill in any voids is so liberating. My life is amazing , I’m already grateful to have so much love and laughter that my heart is already so full. With my new found independence and soaring passed my personal goals, life is sweet as pie and any other love that finds its way in, is just the whip cream with a cherry on top. : ) Happy Valentines!

                                                                                      - Ali Alloway


Date Night Make up

We girls love to play with make up but sometimes just a little goes a long way. This Valentines keep it fresh and let your natural beauty shine through.
Here are a few Keep it Simple Tips...


1 - Prep skin with light exfoliant and moisturize.
2 - Use highlighter cream under a sheer foundation to create a
natural glow.(yes, I said under )
3 - Keep brows soft by lightly filling in with an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than natural color, using a brow brush lightly brush upward.
4 - Mascara Only. Focus on volumizing the top lashes by layering your applications ( If you want a little more, rub a soft neutral on lid only )
5 - Last, apply a Lip and cheek stain. This will give you that rosy look and keep those lips kissable : )


In Salon Promotions & Happenings


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