December 2018


The Joy of Us

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Now that we’ve all been stuffed full on Thanksgiving and the madness of Black Friday is (thankfully) behind us, the Holiday Season is officially in full swing! Decorations are glowing here at Lakshmi Hair Studio and I am shamelessly blasting Christmas music as I write this. The city is glowing and bustling as people prepare for their family gatherings and holiday parties, planning, purchasing, and cooking to make their holiday celebrations special. Here at Lakshmi, our studio family is hard at work making sure our clients, new and returning, are looking their best for the upcoming festivities. There’s quite a bit of talk about our own holiday party and our annual pollyanna that we are eagerly waiting for. Regardless of where you are, there is excitement in the cold air and dazzling lights. December brings a kind of glittering quality to life and with it comes the amazing feelings of joy and togetherness that the holidays inspire.

Holiday Season is my favorite time of year because, regardless of what you celebrate, the holidays are meant to bring us all together. We are buying gifts for the people we love, we are spending time with family we otherwise might not see, and we are eating really great food together, which to me is the absolute best part. Whichever Holiday you celebrate during this season, it’s all about being with the people you love and to me there is no better feeling than being surrounded with family and friends. So enjoy this season with the people most important to you, appreciate and be kind to each other, and celebrate the traditions that bring us closer together.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Wonderful Holiday,

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