December 2017


So this is December and every year we all react to the beginning of the month the same way...panic shopping, eating our feelings and utter disbelief that November has come and gone. Brown paper packages tied up with one million yards of packaging tape are not one of my favorite things, yet I have a good bakers dozen of them creating an obstacle course to my front door everyday. I was already beginning to feel annoyed by the entire season (yes, I know it is only the first week...not a good start), so a holiday mood makeover was in order. It seems that we are afraid to miss out on something during the season; the perfect sale (whose idea was it to open stores on Thanksgiving eve anyways?), the perfect party, the perfect family gathering, that we miss out on the little bits of wonderful that are already happening around us. Take a minute and let yourself be delighted in the holiday season. It is just as magical as it used to be. Pour some hot cocoa in a to go mug, grab a friend and look at the lights. Take some photos that have some meaning to someone you love and frame them. Memories are better than anything from Amazon. Gather together with your people, your family, your tribe as often as you can. Nothing feels better than some really good laughs with some really good people. Enjoy where you are when you are there. During the holidays it seems like rushing is the only way to get anything done. And guess will still get done whether or not you let yourself like it or not. Take a minute and take in the holiday spirit. Although the stress of the holiday season can easily get the best of you, stop, breathe and remember what the holiday season truly means to you. This time of year is personal to all of us. and I think when we make it one big generic and commercial time, it takes away what is special about it. Revel in what you love about it, be it family or tradition or even spiritual and let that surpass your stress. There is holiday magic in the air, so pick your chin up and enjoy it!

                                                                                      - Ali Alloway


Get the look: Deep Wave

What says " I am here for a holiday party" better than glamorous hair? Everyone wants to look their best for an occasion, and if you are on your own creating your look, here's how to glam it up with a few simple steps. 

  1. With hair dry, mist all over with R & Co. Grind for structure and hold. Brush through, turn on your curling iron (or wand, whatever your preference) and brace yourself.
  2. Section hair out back from front and then down the middle, creating 4 sections (this makes it easier than tackling the whole head at once)
  3. Take 2 inch pieces and holding the iron parallel to the ground, hold onto the ends of hair and carefully wrap the hair around the iron from the middle of the hair down to the ends, stopping one inch from the bottom.
  4. Hold the piece of hair on the iron for 5 seconds and then release, do not touch. You will ruin everything if you do. Go through each section taking 2 inch pieces, until entire head is in ringlets. Spray with a flexible hairspray like R & Co Outerspace for hold. 
  5. Take a paddle brush and brush out all the ringlets. Seriously. This will create a uniform wave and glamazon texture. 
  6. Take one pump of a smoothing oil like R & Co. Tinsel (holiday...fitting), rub it between your palms and smooth through the ends of your masterful waves. 
  7. Don't forget to strut down the red carpet. 

Holiday Hair & Makeup Packages

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*All packages expire 5/1/2018

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