August 2018


Summer Lovin’

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Summertime and the living is easy.....or is it?!? The countdown to the summer months is always filled with anticipation of true relaxation. No schedules, fewer commitments, the ultimate wind down. So what do we do? Pack in as much fun as possible! I cannot even list the amount of BBQs, visits to amusements parks, drives to the beach, exhausting weekend trips, all accompanied by consuming as many mayonnaise based salads and lime containing cocktails as possible. August hits and I am beyond beat, completely fluffy and out of shape, and needing vacations from vacations. For me, I feel like the FOMO drives me to continue to over commit, but instead of to work or school obligations, it is an over commitment to summertime fun. For this last month, these last 30 days or so, I am taking
a stance. A stance against the over scheduling (and also to any salad involving a potato). There is a lot of beauty and tranquility in the quiet, and that is what in the craziness of summer, we need. Although each party or beach trip is fun, sitting in the back yard, listening to some music, and watching as the fireflies start to light up the brush is soothing. As much as 42 margaritas can be a hoot (until the next morning....thank you adulthood), you may miss how beautiful the sunset is all the way to the end as all of the pink in the sky gives way to deep navy blue. And although we feel the need to make sure kiddos have an activity for every hour of the day, an evening walk or bike ride and good conversation about all of the things that we see is just as fulfilling to them. Slow it down for this last month, and actually let yourself enjoy what the summer months have to offer. Walk outside, take a breath, and let the day unfold... (or get your back to school shopping done... oh whatever).
                                                                                                           xo, Ali Alloway


Repair Your Summer Hair

While many of us spend time basking in the summer sun on the beach or by the pool, we
rarely think of the damage we may be causing to our hair. UV rays and salt water can be very
drying to the hair and swimming in chlorine can leave a chemical buildup that can wreak havoc on your color and texture.

Here are our top three Kevin.Murphy summer must-have products to repair your summer hair!

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