August 2017

National Friendship Day is Sunday, August 6, 2017

National Friendship Day is Sunday, August 6, 2017

Forever Friends

I met my soul mate when I was in 8th grade. It was pop warner cheerleading and her high kicks were higher. So naturally I hated her. Over the course of the year, I realized that we not only had so much in common, but we’re better off as a pair. So for the past 20+ years (let’s try not to do the math, ok?) my best friend and I have traveled through life together. Crazy adventures, broken hearts, illnesses, babies, marriages, divorces, and more laughs that brought us to tears than I can list. 

Our friendship is a rare one, I know, and as we have gotten older and the important things in life have become so much more clear, I have never felt more appreciative of my best friend. Everyone needs their person. That one person, that true friend who can basically read your mind or give you the hug that erases your worries. Be it your spouse, your sister, your mom, or your best lady friend of 20+ years, let your person know how much you appreciate them. Having a shoulder to cry on or a victory dance partner makes life a lot sweeter. 

                                                                                       - Ali Alloway


While summer can mean relaxation and a break from stress, your hair might have missed the memo.


Here are a few summertime tricks to keep your hair lustrous and stress free:

1. Mask It
Take advantage of the warm summer sun and get the most out of a mask. After shampooing, towel dry hair. Apply a mask such as the Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me Masque. Comb through, pull hair back in a bun, and head to the beach. Rinse well after letting it soak in and enjoy the softness of your hair.

2. Style It
Kevin Murphy products are not only amazing for styling, but a few also are leave in treatments. Instead of heat styling hair, apply a treatment oil spray like Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Me Blonde to towel dried hair. It not only adds a ton of shine and a bit of shimmer, but also repairs and even takes away brassy summer tones.

3. Gloss It
If your hair color has been bleached out beyond recognition from the sun (you tried your best with that hat), head to the salon. A color gloss can revive your color in 20 minutes or less and will not even put a dent in your wallet.


Summer Keratin Special

Peter Coppola Smoothing Treatment
Keratin Treatments will be $195 (reg$250) July 22nd thru August 24th

Restore hair texture / Smoothes cuticle adds shine / Protects against heat styling,
UV exposure and environmental stressors / Lasts up to 90 days

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