April 2018


Getting Back Into the Spring of Things...

There is always a grace period as winter gives way to spring, rendering us completely lost when it comes to dressing weather appropriately or doing any activity involving the outdoors. This year it seems like Mother Nature was really in a comical mood as the transition has been a much rockier experience, jumping from one extreme (hi tank tops) to another (where is that parka I thought I was done with??!!) in an instant. Being creatures of consistency and habit, I cannot express the distress I hear from each client with this unpredictability. We are all so looking forward toward sunnier days with such strained eyes. I too find myself stuck in the winter doldrums and am having a hard time even appreciating the 70 degree bone we are thrown every ten days or so. So, Mother Nature… I appreciate your sense of humor, BUT I am not going to let you bring me down. Even though I sometimes feel like I am on a movie set as I am pelted with freezing rain and then ten seconds later am basking in the sunshine, I am going to go outside. I am going to breathe in the fresh air, and look for the buds on the trees with my kiddos, and let the sun warm my face. Even though I still have furry boots on that I will inevitably regret in a couple of hours when the weather inexplicably jumps 15 degrees, I am going to forge ahead with my normal beginning of spring days. As much animosity as we can feel toward the utterly uncontrollable, let us apply our tenacity and adaptability to our springtime countdown. We will all be soaking up the rays before we know it.

                                                                                                xo, Ali Alloway


April Showers…Call for Dry Shampoo!


A good dry shampoo can be your best friend when you want to hold onto your hairstyle before your next wash. Not only are they designed to absorb oil, they also add volume & texture, and leave the hair looking & smelling fresh! And even though the idea of a dry shampoo can be daunting, don’t be hesitant — they’re super easy and convenient to use! 

With so many to choose from, we asked Lakshmi stylists to weigh in on a few of their favorites by Kevin Murphy and R+Co.

Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair
Removes odors from hair and freshens up lifeless hair. Citrus tangerine peel is added to help lock down cuticles for shine.

Kevin Murphy Doo.Over
Suitable for all hair types! Removes excess oil, moisturizes hair, and offers a light hold. Considered a dry powder finishing spray, but does wonders for day old, dry hair! Tapioca starch gives hair a soft, velvety feel.

R+Co Death Valley
Quick way to add volume and body into your hair while restoring luster and shine. Pro-vitamin B5, a conditioning agent, adds thickness and builds volume. Silica removes and absorbs excess oils.

R+Co Badlands
Matte-finish paste with no build-up. This dry shampoo-styling paste hybrid is perfect for days where you want to add a little texture and hold. Volcanic ash sourced from Hawaii is added to naturally cleanse and balance the scalp. Great for men too!

R+Co Skylin
Dramatically refreshes second day or post-workout hair. Absorbs oils and enhances textured. Burdock root extract added to help maintain a healthy scalp by removing loose dandruff flakes.


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