April 2017


Earth Awareness

I distinctly remember having four very defined seasons that weened into one another in a smooth, predictable pattern. What happened? We have now become adjusted to being completely shocked and weather appropriately dressed. 70 degrees in December and a raging ice/snow storm in late March, all of this just says Mother Earth has always been paying attention and guess what…she’s a little mad. 

April 22nd is Earth Day (and is predictably so every year) and the year the campaign is environmental and climate literacy. Maybe some of us are in complete denial that our planet will expire if not treated with respect, and maybe most of us live somewhere in between, but no matter where we fall, we can always educate ourselves and be more active. 

There are more organizations than ever striving toward the protection of our environment, but we all need to do our part. It’s never too late to begin, so donate if you can, or simply look up ways you can help out. From skipping the drive and taking public transportation or walking, to invest in reusable containers for food, water, even coffee (certain coffee chains give a discount for bringing your own mug!), every little bit we do helps. So support companies that are environmentally sounds and continue to fight for the well being of our planet. Let us educate ourselves on what is truly happening so we can do all we can to keep the environment thriving and full of beauty. Nobody is going to fight this fight for us, se we must stand together, all get our hands dirty, and keep our dear Earth well cared for for those who follow us. 

                                                                                       - Ali Alloway


I have always found it interesting that a curly haired woman typically strives for smooth, frizz free hair and a straight tressed gal yearns for more volume and texture. Though we will always fight the grass is always greener battle, this month let’s conserve energy (our own and our environment’s) and embrace and enhance what we have been given. 

To enhance your natural curl/wave: 

  1. Prep hair by shampooing and conditioning with Kevin Murphy was and rinse to give a frizz controlling start. For coarse hair, use Smooth.Again, and for finer use Hydrate.Me. 
  2. Pump a quarter sized amount of Kevin Murphy Killer.Curls to towel dried hair to keep frizz out and weightlessly enhance texture. 
  3. Add shine by spraying ends with Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine or the new Shimmer.Me Blonde. This will act as a leave in treatment and add a lot of shine to natural hair. 

Why Choose Kevin Murphy?

The Climate Reality Project

KEVIN.MURPHY is proudly collaborating with Al Gore’s climate change leadership program, The Climate Reality Project. A non-profit global organization, The Climate Reality Project is dedicated to educating the public about the science and impact of climate change and to work towards solutions at a grassroots level worldwide. By attending The Climate Reality Project’s 2011 Asia-Pacific Summit held in Jakarta, Kevin is now an official Climate Reality Project Presenter. He will be responsible for communicating climate control messages to our broad network of hairdressers, stylists, and consumers.With selected product sales, a cash donation will be made by KEVIN.MURPHY to The Climate Reality Project in an effort to lessen our overall global carbon footprint. Click here to learn more The Climate Reality Project