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is that beauty is not just an aesthetic journey, but a personal one as well. While traveling in India, friends mentioned an herbalist by the name of Lakshmi—named after the Hindu goddess of beauty and abundance—and simply pointed her location out on our map. Two weeks later, we serendipitously found ourselves atop a cliff in Varkala overlooking the Arabian Sea, experiencing Lakshmi’s Ayurvedic treatments.

Lakshmi embodied the quintessential independent woman, with a true desire to use her skills for the benefit of others. Through the use of conscious products and individualized techniques, she not only excelled at her craft, but also in expressing her passions in life. That profound experience would change both of our lives and inspire us to create Lakshmi hair studio.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is that beauty is an art to be mastered, not just an exterior appearance. It is the union of the aesthetic and emotional, resulting in confidence and ultimate bliss. This deep understanding of the spiritual aesthetic is not only expressed in our services, but also in our space.

From the orange color on the walls evoking happiness to the freestanding stations that create an intimate space between client and stylist, our studio maintains a calm, freeing and creative environment. Formerly an art gallery, floor-to-ceiling glass windows establish a sense of openness in the space, absorbing the pulse of the city and reflecting our creative energy to those glancing in. We strongly believe that individuality and personal expression play a major role in our art, which is why we encourage our stylists to express their own unique styles.

OUR PASSION for creativity and expression is matched by our desire to be honest, humble and giving to our community. As the goddess of beauty and abundance, Lakshmi has inspired a sense of karma in our business. In addition to hosting charitable events and donating services, Robin and Danielle mentor stylists with continuous education and weekly one-on-on development, so they become not just fully developed hair stylists, but fully realized people.

AT LAKSHMI we believe that it’s not just about a stylist behind the chair with the right tools in his or her hands, but rather an open-minded innovator.

21 N. 2nd Street
Pennsylvania 19106


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